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Add the Ultimate Ice Beaker to your event!! Everyone loves to take a pic of themselves! Especially during special moments! A Photobooth creates a super fun way for friends to come together, strike a pose, and enjoy receiving a memorial printout as a real-time keepsake, or select the option of a digital pic available to post on social media. Gallery provided for all pics taken during the event!

Vibrant Back Drops

photo .jpg

Backdrops a perfect touch for your special event pics! We agree and understand you may not be able to control the placement of your Photobooth, excessive sun lighting from window positioning behind the backdrop could affect picture quality. Blackouts are included for vibrant photos.

Honey Gold Sequin

Honey Gold Sequin Backdrop_edited.jpg

Black Sequin 

Black Sequin Backdrop_edited.jpg

White Roses & Orchids 

Custom Templates & Overlays

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 11_edited.jpg


Text Or Email Digital Prints!

Personal Memorable Live Prints

High res print.jpeg
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